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Topic 7 - Defeat of Napoleon Topic 7 - Defeat of Napoleon

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Vasilis Dimitriadis

Topic Seven Defeat of Napoleon I British Naval SupremacyWhile all states on the continent were defeated by Napoleon Britain escaped because of its navyFrance needed a VERY GOOD navy to defeat Britain3 plans to invade Britain1 Tunnel under the Channel Army of Invasiontoo timeconsuming no technology knowhow 2 Air balloons air invasion too many balloons half a million 3 Navy invasion feasible but will never work because not strong enough to oppose the Royal Navy Napoleon needs 7day freedom Britain was aware and prevented Napoleon by blockade Napoleons plan Slip through Gibraltar allow the British fleet to leave the channel to chase after him Then ircle around the Caribbean and confuses the Britain get the 7day freedom Britain was wellaware of this intention and British fleets never left the Channel st 1804 Spain joined France recalled Spain remained neutral since the collapse of the 1 coalitionHowever the neutrality of Spain was suspicious Spain paid tribute to the FranceDec 1804 Britain detected a fleet from Latin America forced this fleet to surrender and handed over the money Spain re
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