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Topic 10 - Crimean War Topic 10 - Crimean War

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Vasilis Dimitriadis

Topic Nine The Crimean War1848 RevolutionsFrench Second Republic Louis Napoleon IIIPrussia appointed a liberal ministryIn Austria Metternich fell and Habsburg monarchy collapse Britain and Russia remain the only two powers untouched by revolutionsB and R put efforts to localize wars to avoid any European war3 wars Northern Italy Hungary two duchies of Schleswig and Holstein Russian attitude main causeRussia would never allow Hungary to be free that would create precedent for Italy and PolandRevolution in German lands almost created a unified state led by Prussia objected by RussiaRussia almost replaced France as the arbiter of EuropeBritain was alarmed French attitudeObjective of Napoleon III denounce the Congress of Vienna free France from the shackles of 1815Strategy taking advantage of the conflicts among the great powers France remained behind the curtainFrance picked the Eastern Question 1852 Napoleon III demanded from the Ottoman Empire the recognition of France being the protector of the Holy Land instead of Russia and demanded the keys from the Holy Church The Turks pre
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