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Topic 15 Post WWI & Treaty of Versailles Topic 15 Post WWI & Treaty of Versailles

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Vasilis Dimitriadis

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Topic Fourteen Post WWI and Treaty of Versailles;  Before the Negotiation -- France wanted: Security against Germany; -- Realized the fact that Germany IS stronger than France; -- French attempts: 1.Amilitary guarantee that would ensure French national security; -- US did not approve; thus Britain would not agree; 2. Dismantle France -- US did not approve (against national self-determination); -- Britain said no with US. 3. Propose the League of Nation to have an international army to intervene; -- US did not approve because: US would lose life and fight for Europe; -- France was terrified that Germany could not be contained; Germany was the immediate danger to France; -- France decided to do her best to try to dismantle Germany;  Negotiation at Paris -- Different interests of different states; -- US: 14 points to be the foundation; ideology; -- Britain: improve Britain to the same position prior to WWI (leading power & navy) Thus Britain wanted to recover Germany (main trading partner) -- France: dismantle Germany; -- Italy: Territory rewards promised by theAllied; -- Japan: Territory (all Germany’s colonies inAsia) & recognition (equal status with European states); -- Failed: -- Europe would not give Japan the recognition; Japan quitted the negotiation; -- Italy quitted too; did not get enough territory rewards; -- This left Britain, US, France as the three leading decision makers; -- Lloyd George; Clemenso, Wilson (cabinet diplomacy again); -- Ironically this already violated the 14 points; -- Problem: no Germany, no Russia;  Treaty of Versailles (1919) 1. Germany: --Army reduced to 100,000; no navy; no conscriptions, tanks, generals; -- Territory: --Alsace-Lorrain: France; -- Denmark: --Article 231: Germany is the sole responsibility of the war; --Article 232: Germany had to bear the whole responsibility of the reparation; 2. Easter Question -- New state: Poland, Yugoslavia; Czechoslovakia; (but violating national self-determination) -- Polish Corridor: allowing Poland to have an open sea; -- But these are violating national self-determination: -- Problem rooted: huge German population in Czechoslovakia and the Polish Corridor; --Austria: -- The Habsburg Empire was dismantled; every ethnic group is allowed to create a state of their own; --Austria was forbidden to join Germany
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