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His103Y1: Lecture on: The Eclipse of France: Part Two

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University of Toronto St. George
Denis Smyth

HIS 103: Statecraft and Strategy The Eclipse of France: Part Two November 11, 2009 - French problem: when implementing financial reform = also realized that revolution of constitution revolution - realized the MAIN problem = the French Royal state - State by late 1780s unable to wage war = which was its fundamental purpose - 2 problems w/ constitutional reform 1) hereditary of administrative nobility - Vehemently opposed reform b/c they benefited - nobles of the robe 2) Aristocratic nobility - had tax exemptions - also resisted revolutions - in immediate aftermath of victory over Brits afterAmerican revolution = appeared that France was in superior position to Brits - Dutch Republic now allied w/ French - William V “Patriots” (1785) - meant Dutch navy now potentially an ally at sea =now may be able to control English Channel (Western Approaches) - placed French in position to conquer 2 continents from Brits (Cape of Good Hope &Ceylon) - PROBLEM: France no longer financially capable of taking advantage of their superior position - by late 1780s French financial debt = 5 billion livres - old order could not solve those problems - if problems not solved = France’s existence at risk - Turgot = Controller General of Finances warned of intervention inAmerican war b/c of financial dangers “One cannot prevents oneself from being amazed that we are so inferior in power when we are so superior in resources” - by 1793 - public finances being practiced by French state - French revolutionaries = put French financial house in order - modern “isms” began w/ French revolution - left and right wing began w/ French legislative assembly (right-seated = privileged aristocrats/ left seated = low order) - French declared “rights of man and the citizen” n/ just the French - new French order denounced French foreign policy - fuel for revolutionaries against old order - 1787 Russo-Ottoman war b/c 4 years earlier Russians annexed Crimea - Catherine II looked to HR Emperor Joseph II for help b/ was long - February 1788Austria joined Catherine II - Fredrick William II of Prussia instigated by Brits to intervene in Dutch Republic to reverse victory of Patriot party that booted out House of Orange = drove Republicans from power - was a very anti-French move & did intervene = resulted in lowering of their own prestige internationally = was a confession of French weakness’ - Swedes attacked Russia, leavingAustrians exposed - Pol
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