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notes from lecture - fairly detailed

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Herbert Kronzucker

Louis worked to get land to north and east - used marriage to Spanish princess but all of his allies turned against him in order to try and stop the war of evolution Louis wanted to get glory - compelled by 3 states to come to terms with Spanish Dutched medled in Louis affairs and personally insulted him - so he wanted to teach them a lesson = dutch war Economics had become very important by this point in the warfareinternational conflict - The French were doing quite well since Louis had come to power (by improving the taxation, taxing even more people (nobility and church), mercatilistic view but no matter what the French did bc world trade was limited (dutch merchant shipping - held every big financial center, banks - dutch always benifited from French sales) therefore they wanted to start an economic competition (dutch had to pay to bring anything into france) but that didnt work because the dutch had a much more sophisticated system French most important export was wine and brandy but the dutch just stopped buying it from them 1672- must make the dutch trade our own trade = take over the entire dutch state = convergence of two French interests (econom
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