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On Statecraft and Strategy

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Ebba Kurt

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OnStatecraftandStrategy Thursday,September 15, 2011 1:59AM Otzi:"TheIceMan" - Victimofviolenceb/wtwoclans,IceManinCopperAge ○ Twoarrows,withblood,wasina fight - Westillfightovervaluableresourcesandlandtosurvive ThePurposeoftheState - Thesecurityofitsownsurvival - Whatare themethodsandmeansofensuringitsownsurvival? ○ NationalInterest  LONGTERM wellbeingofthestate  Shapesitsownforeignpolicy ○ NationalSecurity  IMMEDIATEwellbeingofthestate  Army/Navy/AirForce/Cyberspace ProtectingNationalInterest 1. Diplomacy/Negotiationstoworkwithotherstates Fordiplomacytoworkbothpartiesneed: a. Commoninterest b. Conflict 2. Deterrence ○ Ifa statetakesan action,therewillbeconsequencesthatwouldbeworstthanthebenefitsoftaking thataction ○ Willnotworkifthereisnowherewithalorhistoryofstandingup(otherstateswillnottakethreats seriously) ○ Needsrationalopponenttoreacttothreats 3. LimitedApplicationofForce ○ Lessdestruction,butstilleffective ○ Closertowar ○ Ensurestrategicaimswithoutmajorlossoflife 4. FullMilitaryForce ○ Wagingwar ○ Warmeans"annihilation"tohaveopponentcarryoutyourdemandsandenforceyourforeignpolicy ○ Warcan neverbe100% guaranteedtohavegoals achieved Strategy - Hasto match thestate'sgoals - Ifnotrightstrategy,despitebeingmilitarilystrong,itwillbeadisaster - Strategymustfactorin ○
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