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Vasilis Dimitriadis

HIS103 Lecture NotesOct 3 10262011 92200 PM Title The Nine Years War 16881697How Louis became arbiter of Euroentire Treaty written in FRAlarge diplomacy becomes FRAwants to capitalize on this ChamberReunions1688 ChamberReunionsmanifesto to make gains permanentmajor attack vs Philipsburg not yet in FRA handsresult started 9 Y Warfirst battle fought alone only ally useless Turks9 Y War new due to milit technologybloodiernew Fr foreign policy GER not biggest enemy but BRITnext 120 yrs every major conflict results in FRABRIT warAfri Asia NAmer fought some TF sometimes called First World Warthough battles not important anywhere but in EuroSept 1688 Philipsburg attack successfulsecures major gate in FRA hands CologneFRA successutter disaster for themtriggered coalitn vs FRA creates Grand Alliance GAheartsoul of GA Will O in resisting FRA aggressionpulled resources of all alliescompelled Louis to peacebalance of power bw FRArestcontinent Why GA capable of defeating FRA 2 reasons1 Absolute defeatFRA militarily2 Original Westph borders reestto achieve victory vs FRA 2 provisions for all in GAI States must fight w all resources milit powerII No state to enter in separate negotiationsno easy way outstale mate occurred FRA not superiorHeinsius every state must preserve independence TF defeat FRAWill O to do coup detat of ENG reasonsJames II openly Catho not acceptable in ENGJames II likes absolutism wanted to be 100 independent fr parliamentwanted to maintain close ally w CathosCatho male heirpossible for Catho dynastyWill TF convinced to do coup detatSept 1688 recognized FRA must be stopped after Philipsburg attackNov 1688 Will O travels to ENG starts Great RevolutnJames rejected Louis help in defense James is defeatedLouis allowed invasion by Will O bcJames wasnt incompetent he thoughtthought Will O would be tied w civil war168890 naval superioritymiscalculation 2 months James wiped out he is exiled to FRA1693 financial change in syst ENG becomes richest in antiFRA coalitn 2 Issues in War1 FRAno allies relies on own resources1695 400 k FRA troops o but couldnt reequip all w new technology eg flintlock muskets guns bc of financial condition o but DUTGER reequipped o but FRA still did well Invasion of Philipsburg st 1 1 goal got last gate into FRA in FRAs possessionnd 2 2 goal compelled AUS troop to receive pressure in troops 169192 winter starvationFRA loses resources wants peace o starts privateeringpiracy FRA opiracy paid for naval action or army TF cut army funds1697 Louis makes deal offer w Savoyto return fortress taken b4 9Y Waroffered to NiceTreaty TurenneTF Italians exit war Violation of Coalition TreatyAUS didnt provide all resourcesSavoy made peace individually w FRA which allowed FRA to shift troops May 1697 FRADUT start negotiatns behind all allies backsFRA returns Luxembourg to DUT SPA NER more grateful o Charles II going to die wants to please them have better chance to gain SPA throne
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