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Vasilis Dimitriadis

HIS103 Lecture NotesSept 14 1 9142011 104700 PMTitle On Statecraft and StrategyThe Sovereign StateHow states funct to pursue nat securityinterest each states greatest interestown survival specifically want to achieve 1 National Securityfor immediate wellbeing eg have standing army2 National Interestvia diplomacynegotiatns which reqs common interestconflict w another state tools to achieve thisengage in deterrence threats where consequences of not agreeing w the other state outweigh benefits of agreeingCoercive diplomacy tightening screws o if you continue we will eventually go to warCommittingApplying full military force ie go to war o destroy opponent force them to carry out demandsensure interestnations survival o no guaranteevictory unpredictable element o eg US vs IraqUS won numerous attles much more powerful but still havent achieved their goalsstrategyit must correspond w personal goalsWhat is strategylongterm planninguse all resources to achieve political diplo objectivemeasure strategy accordinglyconsider ggrconsider ideological culturalrelig aspectsIraqi invasn thought most Iraqis would welcome USA but they didnt if strategy is wrong cannot succeedTF war not the best wayhow to ensure survivalstatesmankind o tie belligerents to ethical moral relig codes o regulate warfarelimit usecertain weapons o limit wars to political objectives Why wont ethical relig moral codes workrelig they result in even more combato Muslims vs Christians Suni vs Shiite Catho vs Protestantsmoral competitn bw states for best weapons o elim chem weaponmove on to bio nuclear etcalways trying to ensure internat superiority win syst eventually internat laws ignoredunless institutns set up to monitor conflicts o then set up alliancesorganizatns only way syst will workissues cannot be properly dealt w when there is not security wellbeinghuman kind poverty o as long as war exists destructn existsUN cant lookother issues seriously Canada must have good relatns w USA85 exports go to USAnat securityshare English colony cultureWtype democracyhad common opponent Soviet UnionUSA helped protect CANdid well together during Cold War
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