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Vasilis Dimitriadis

HIS103 Lecture NotesNov 16 11162011 120500 PM Title The French Revolutionary Wars Part IIchallenging diplo status quochallenging status quo25 yrs incessant conflict vs GER to maintain balpowerHow does FRA revolution go from domestic affair to Internat affairabolitionfeudalismequality of all pplsets up examples for restcontinents statesTF PRUS wanted territAUS personal connection his sis in prison w FRA King wifeDeclarationBilnitzAll of Euro to unite if dont restate Louis XVIact only if restEuro acts as wellBRIT approved saw in light of their Glorious RevolutionRevolutionaries 1792 FRA Revolutionaries declare war on AUSFRA never thought PRUS would never join AUS bc AUSPRUS often foughtbut PRUS invaded FRA firstPRUS also underestimated FRAs abilitiesValmy PRUS army most professional defeated by FRAhumiliation How possible Why FRA so successfulwas duel bw 2 artilleries1 moment that changed histprior to outbreak FRA General cried Vive la nationoffered chance to fight not for king absolutist monarch but for their own statethisessence of Right of ManCitizensTF every citizen askedobliged to ask to fight for own kingall ppl equal in eyesthe law TF must fight for this stateFRA galvanized fought several battles successfully surprised EU1 Offered equality TF gave state to fight for2 When FRA saw GER invade FRA nationalism evoked as FRA must defend FRAideological aspect givencombo of these things allowed FRA Revs survival
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