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Vasilis Dimitriadis

HIS103Y1 Lecture Seven National SecurityLouis and his pursuit for glory Where Louis became the arbitrator of EuropeChambers of Reunionwhich brought a large number of territories under the French control Additionally he took Strasburg to secure French national interest He did not support the Austrians against the Turksand he came to blows with the Holy Roman emperor 1688A manifesto for Europe to recognize his territorial gains September 1688Austrians just recaptured Belgrade A huge triumph for the Holy Roman emperor All the people looked at Leopold for leadership Late September 1688Louis decided to gamble by using the intimidating the aggressive tactics Launched an attack against Phillipsburg Naturally he started the longest and bloodiest conflict of his reignresulted in alienating the entire continent of Europe alone except for the Turks Equally the 9 Years Warnew conflict in military terms It saw a number of changesFrench foreign policy Louis realized that the Spanish were no longer his main opponentsbut the Germans followed on by the British The 9 Years Warthe introduction of a century long conflict between France and Britain 9 Years WarDemonstrated the states econom
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