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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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Vasilis Dimitriadis

HIS103Y1 Lecture SixHe managed to break up another AntiFrench coalition He gained new territories within the SpanishNetherlands Even though clearly it was obvious to every single statethat France was the most powerful state Louis was not happy Because the Dutch escaped any penalties He was disappointed because it was only after the Dutch War was over did he realize that Spain was not the most important opponent but was a declining power and did not pose a threat to French national interest but the German states of the Roman Empire who were the new threats Demonstrated by 3 attempts to invade France form the East yet no moves made to secure that area Overall the French demonstration of power was very strong and managed to fend off the German Everyone looked at Louis as the arbitrator of power A treaty was signed in 1679 Treaty of StGermaine August He compelled both the states Denmark and Brandenburg who fought against the Swedes to give up their territory they had gained from the Swedes No matter the pleads that the mayor of BrandenburgLouis compelled him to give up the territorydemonstrated the diplomatic clout he had in Europe It was supported by the fact that French Army 200000 thousand strongeven time he made a declaration and made a demand every single state had to consider the fact they had to deal with the French army After the war was over Louis decided to capitalize on his glory and his diplomatic clout His minister of waradvised to him seek more territorial gain through diplomatic means French lawyers for 10 yearswithin previous agreements till the Treaty of Westphalia to find any loophole that would give the French to improve their chance to gain new territory Many of the agreements were looselyworded that would allow interpretation in many different ways He wanted to see if any of those territories were actually belonging to him Chambers of Reunion4 special courts went through all the deeds of all the newly gained territories and could still look for any other territories that could be added to the French empire Legal declarationsthey found that every single territory would actually be part of France Many Germans and other states within the SpanishNetherlandscomplained about the deals Yet they had to consider the power of the French army
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