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Vasilis Dimitriadis

HIS103Y1 Lecture EightEncouraged the formation of an AntiFrench coalitionGrand Alliance formed in 1689 to counter the French aggressiveness The Austrians did not recall all their resources towards the WarThe shifting of the Savoywho signed a treaty with Louis A true balance of power A war of attrition where neither side could win 1697Treaty of Ryswick William of Orange and Louis signed All the areas in the SpanishNetherlands Cattelonia returned back to the countries Acknowledged William the third as the King of England and Protestantism in England A change in character posts the Nine Years War Realized that this peace would only be jeopardized with the death of the King of Spain Although this current peace could be jeopardized by the death of the Spanish King but nothing more my people deserve peace They crave stability and longerlasting peace Summer of 1697 Louis acknowledged the preservation of peace Should the Spanish King die any territories that could be gained must be gained in a diplomatic manner Every single European court was intrigued by this Carlos was on his deathbeda matter than concerned all of Europe Spanish territory was quite vastalong with having an international empire co
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