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Lecture 7

Lecture 7

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University of Toronto St. George
Alison Smith

The Nine Years War France- rest of Europe , Japanese Pearl Habour attack was successful military in the short one, but was catastrophically foolish in the long run as it severely drained her resources in the war, with the addition of USA France act was seen as more than a defensive act to the other European state. To them, it was an open ended military campaign on the expense of Louis XIV neighbours. France, who was faced with the force of collaboration of German States and consciousness of nationality in German states, was a downfall of them. Winter 1688 embarked on a devastating attack of Palatinate to limit their use to Germans in the future. France aggression was a perfect opportunity was a perfect platform for William III to embark on his political propaganda to unite the rest of the Europe against France. November 1688, William III was offered the throne of England Scotland and Ireland, at the expense of James II when he married Mary, the daughter of James. With his new found power, he was better equipped to rally the nations of Europe th 12 may 1689, Dutch and Austrian concluded an alliance to roll back F
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