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Lecture 8

lecture 8

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University of Toronto St. George
Alison Smith

The making of the European balance of power: the origins of the war of the Spanish succession This conflict creates a platform where a working international order will be formed. After the nine years war, the Dutch Republic, England and France had to scale down their armies to more manageable numbers to ease the financial burden on the economy. The military might of France was a far cry from what it was during the peak of the war, 400,000 soldiers to 150,000 soldiers. 16 June 1698, Louis XIV wanted peace and was not prepared for war. Peace can only be obtained on the eventuality of the King of Spain death. The real problem was the next ruler of Spain, it was still the largest, richest and most populace of all the empire despite all the wars. Who inherited the Southern Netherlands, modern day Belgium, was a huge issue for the Dutch republic and England as it was a problem of vital national security concern for them At the end of the war, Dutch fortress still remains in the garrisons of Spanish Netherlands as
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