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Denis Smyth

The Statecraft and strategy ---------Sep 12, Lec 02 I. TheAim of the "Great Game" 1. OTZI: The iceman -5300 years old, the oldest recovered intact man, from the border ofAustria-Italian -He was involved in a fight before he died, knife scarce in his hand as evidence. So predicted he died violently, but for defending himself, as showed in his last gesture. -The human nature was "conflict" in itself, can be concluded from this discovery -75% people died in conflicts in ancient times. 2. National Interests: Diplomatic, economic, cultural, strategic 1) Massive reduction in violence with the appearance of sovereign state -In every culture, religion, etc, sovereign state is simple and single explanation of the dramatic reduction of violence. -Population came together, and formed central government (ie. Sovereign state) -The sovereign state managed to make it into universal govern pattern, this is also fundamental human needs. -Other important human needs: Security, Substance (ex. food), society, shelter, etc Those are needed by anyone, anytime and anywhere. 2) Economic situation is equivalent to "Substance" Culture/language is equivalent to Shelter Diplomatic is equal to society and group Individual security is equal to State Security -Importantly, physical survival is the essential and fundamental, it is the pre-conditional needs, which is before you can constantly enjoy political association, physical activity and other pleasures. 3. National Security: Land, sea, air, cyberspace 1) Sovereign state, satisfies the fundamental need of physical security. -You work and pay tax, in exchange of a sovereign state. Striving for the integrate of the state, in order to protect personal security. -The fundamental purpose of state or government is to reserve the security of collective existence of its people/subjects/citizens. -If the state fails to maintain the security, then revolts seem seem to be inevitable. Eg. German, Russia, Habsburg Thousands year of survival can't avoid collapse, if the protection to its people failed. Here Habsburg is a good example. 2) The challenges of defend
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