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Vasilis Dimitriadis

Louis saw that the northern border = most vulnerable Caught by surprised - Triple Alliance emergence He had to settle and think about how to avenge this loss Sets force of French foreign policy Dutch Republic = economic power house of Europe Dutch maritime activities controlling sea routes, new colonies in places all over the world Dutch stock exchange = wall street of this time Bank of Amsterdam = most important bank..$1 billion (today) French - new financial minister - personal goal Surpass Dutch and make France most supreme economic state of Europe 10x more populous than Dutch Nowhere near Dutch in efficiency and economic vertical French would have to somehow to undermine the Dutch economy 1664 - made Dutch imports into France more expensive Dutch = Retaliate by dumping French goods and undermine it Limited French imports into Dutch republic 9000 ships vs. Dutch 16 000 ships Dsetroy Dutch - take away independence or Louis could also take over Dutch, incorporate it to be a part of French economy to become the best He did a combination of ^^…He excelled in 3 things: 1. Before military action commences...the Triple Alliance had to be destroyed (Dutch made this) 2. Isolate Dutch so no one can come to their aid 3. Improve French army as an overwhelming force - Finish Dutch quickly 1. June 1670 - secret Treaty of Dover p.26 French approached English (Charles II) - quite fond of French system, But prevented by English parliament…so to achieve this separate him from gov’t by giving 200k pounds/year - pension to Charles was offered to prevent him from asking parliament what to do Charles wanted to become a Catholic, still Louis promised him additional 150k pounds to convert Incredible diplomatic achievement French and Sweden signed friendship Sweden would interfere in northern Germany to preoccupy Dutch TA fell apart due to # of treaties of German petty states signed in Bavaria All signed treaty with France Promise = Not allow troops of emperor to cross over their territory to oppose French French diplomacy signed treaty of alliance and within 2 years – isolated Dutch No way Spanish or Austrians could aid Dutch republic without violating another state Emperor could not help Guarantee stability that Habsburg would not be attacked by France Road from France passed through and settled on east side of Dutch state No military or diplomatic action to prevent the development March 1672 – War begins - English attack Dutch - serious commercial rivals before members of TA April 1672 - French troops attacked Dutch from
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