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Vasilis Dimitriadis

Louis – Arrogant - National security to prosper and grow Not all of his actions resulted from glory st 3 separate treaties 1678-79 = peace of Nymegen p.34 - 1 time in French language instead of Latin Leopold and pope complained…Language of diplomacy = French to the present 1688 = final years Louis wanted more territory Wanted Europe “recognize my gains or else” p.42 Sep 1688 – France’s troops enter Cologne and cross Rhine to besiege Philipsburg (last gate to be owned) Asking for war vs western Europe Longest, bloodiest battle for Louis – Only ally = Turks 9 years war - new machines, bloodier, worse due to technology change Germany, not Spain = main opponent Germans = not happy with Louis supporting Turks P.43 Attack vs. Philipsburg = success Oct 1688 – From Cologne down to Sovoy - every bridge and crossing point in French hands Leopold cannot invade France p.45 9YW = Change in European states system – emergence of Britain, Austria and Dutch as Great powers st nd 1 of long series of Anglo-French wars until 1815 (2 100 years war) 1st World War - fought in Africa, NA, Asia - conflict in Europe affects world p.47 Diplomatic disaster – May 1689 – Grand Alliance – Dutch and Emperor Leopold GA aim = Defeat French army (military) Force French back to original borders of 1648/59 (diplomacy) Louis’ attack vs. HRE, Germany, Philipsburg = backfired Unified Europe vs. France Heart and soul of GA = William of Orange – aggression vs. France Function of Balance of Power 2 Provisions that every state had to do: Fight with all its natural resources – Military, etc. No longer agree to peace agreements (fault in Dutch War) Must fight for state system of Europe – not for their own country How did Louis miss the implications? - Didn’t think James was so incompetent King James II = Catholic King in Protestant England 1685-88 James wanted standing army of his own - Free of England and be independent Appoint catholic ministers to high positions James could not produce a male heir for catholic dynasty in England Coup d’etat – goes against God England rema
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