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Vasilis Dimitriadis

9 Years War Miscalculations by Louis for short campaign to capture the last gate open to Austria GA born to take back all the French gains Every European state against France Austrians did not devote all their resources – violated the provision Balance of power - neither side overpowered but William limited French power Economically devastating for everyone Louis - change in character - no longer prince in pursuit of glory Letter wrote to his ambassador - “although this peace and treaty could be jeopardized, it is important to preserve peace for my people” Peace = IMPORTANT - huge sign for having changed character When French national security was in trouble - Resolved to Force It must be done through diplomacy, negotiations, NOT war Treaty can be altered by death of Charles II - King of Spain Every single state was concerned in Madrid – Late 1697 Spanish territory = All over world Charles II (Carlos) – Epilepsy – Very sick – Unable to produce an heir Whoever inherits the throne may jeopardize the recently established - balance of power 2 arch enemies of Europe Louis and Leopold (Austrian-Habsburg and HRE) Louis = Grandchild of Spanish King Phillip III Leopold - promised Spanish inheritance by William III at beginning of 9 years war Louis – negotiation = impressive with William p.55 (had to make concessions) He wanted small parts of Spain for agreement and save Europe from another military showdown Claimed territory in the name of his children st p.55-56 1 Partition Treaty - 1698 Feb 1699 – Major showdown avoided due death of Joseph Ferdinand - Electoral Prince of Bavaria nd June 1699 – 2 Partition treaty Divide Italy Louis wanted Naples and Sicily Charles VI (younger son of Leopold I) Milan and Sardinia p.56 – Charles II made a will Leopold complained since he did not have an opinion/invite in Austria Lack diplomatic skills (complaining)…Win over Turks in 1699 – Gain Territory All Charles wants is Milan Austria rejected – no need for military William, Heinsius and Louis agree and Leopold could do nothi
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