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Vasilis Dimitriadis

Peace of Utrecht - Watershed in IR 1 treaty where balance of power was imposed in treaty itself Purpose = secure peace in Europe Balance of power = fair and just settlement for territory, political and ideology Written in every language even 260 years later it was celebrated again Every major power got compensation p.94 – Decline in French prestige – end of predominance of 1 power = more fluid European states system p.97 Reduction in French power = Rise of Britain p.98 In wars of 1688-1714 – Louis XIV ascendancy = destroyed + Turks pushed back deep into Balkans p.99 Austria = theatest European power in size but bad economy…dependent on others during war p.100 Early 18 Century Europe = Large # of secondary states Austro-Spanish Rivalry Anglo-French Entente 1714-1716 Crisis in Britain and France Queen Anne died 1714 Louis died 1715 No secondary state could start a war vs. Great Powers (France, Austria, Britain) which would challenge the balance of power. Treaty of Utrecht left unsettled business p.101 1721 - War between Russia and Sweden Russia won this northern war and replaced as greatest power in Eastern Europe HRE leader power always challenged – Conflict Rise of Germanic states Prussia was given a title because of their support in Grand Alliance King George I came to Britain Aug 1714 -1727 - Rule over Britain as he did in Hanover p. 104 Dismissed Tories and appointed Whig ministers Had to check with parliament for everything - no standing army Every law had to be passed by parliament Use Britain as leverage for Hanover but had to think of raison d’etat Austria and Dutch republic conflict Austrians didn’t want to pay for Dutch security Dutch recognized George and agreed to sign Dutch-British agreement of friendship French capitalized - Dubois travelled to Britain – Anglo-French alliance 28 Novembe
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