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Vasilis Dimitriadis

Cost for France = tremendous Undermined French stability = paralyzed…spectator of international events unlike before st Unable to respond to eastern Europe – 1 partition of poland Preserve balance of power – security, stability If 1 great power claimed territory, the others must gain as well, (compensation) 3 great powers…?? Paralysis - After 1 Partition of Poland…Russia vs Turks war still went on No help coming from Paris…Turks signed Treaty of kuchukkenarchy… Allows Russians a foothold, detached Crimea from Ottoman Empire Declared protectors of Christians in Ottoman Empire A role which was held by France -Meddle in Turkish affairs -Black Sea power -Potential east Mediterranean power Russian gains at the expense of France and France can’t do anything about it Russia collision course with Britain After peace of Paris… Clear cut Russian victory, humiliated Turks and France No compensation for Austria and Prussia Declaration by Russia that they are a power in both west and east Europe Domestic development of Dutch – No longer a great power, not even a secondary power Wiped out by British = chaos New political class = patriots Followed patterns in Dutch, wanted to gain power for the middle class – rep of middle class 1785 – militia = free court…influence on foreign policy of the Dutch Alarmed British Britain recuperated in 3 years Dutch was neutral – treaty of neutrality Patriots gains upper hand in Dutch Humilates cousin of Frederick William II You do not humiliate a royal member Bring in new territories Humiliation is not tolerated Prussia and Britain agreement to interfere with Dutch Prussia and Britain compelled French to make a statement to never interfere in Dutch affairs Joseph of Austria – statement: France had fallen and I doubt that she will ever rise back up as a great power Belgium – rebellion – free themselves of Austrian control Declared creation of united Belgium provinces…disposed of Joseph as emperor Belgium wants to declare independence Joseph brings army of HRE and brings Belgium into the Habsburg Empire What caused France’s paralysis – financial meltdown France was bankrupt – unable to pay interest from loans Bureaucracy = halt Louis 16 - May 1774 Energetic, better educated could have sa
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