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Vasilis Dimitriadis

In 2 battles, ensured his own success, taming/humiliating Russia to accept his political creation Since 1648, 1 state is able to destroy the political construction BOP – destroyed and arbiter of Europe How was it possible that having gained so much power, he could not beat GB Napoleon got power from – military solution to any diplomatic problem was the best solution It’s faster, cheaper, easier to use army Coming from a certain class no longer mattered…. Most talented officers become general…every soldier had the opportunity through the ranks Promotion! 26 marshalls – at least 20 came from common background Previous regime, royalty never experienced hardship Made his own soldiers feel one in the same Goal = 2 things France cannot fight the entire continent, not enough money and natural resources Every fight needs to end fast Major victory – tremendous military success Engage opponent to annihilate Once an army was destroyed, no chance for France to resist, in every single military campaign, compels to sue for peace What need is there for diplomacy? – Never play by the books During 3 coalitions, Napoleon concentrates 1v1 British survives Napoleon – hard time to control the continent, Britain would construct another anti-Napoleon coalition Establish army of England to invade Britain and make sure Britain never interferes To achieve that w/o a navy….genius – air bubbles, float and invade…..2 option = …?
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