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University of Toronto St. George
Vasilis Dimitriadis

For the first time admitted a military defeat but blamed it on the weather Political consequences: -General York’s task to defend the flanks of communication of the Grand Armee -Prussian general left the door open to Prussia -Huge development Once Prussia gets ready for war, they would declare war vs Napoleon by joining Russia to free Euroope from French influence and Napoleonic control. Napoleon wanted to crush this 4 coalition, - the sooner tackle R and P, the better -If he allows them to challenge, then the rest of the continent would join and rise up vs. his empire -He managed to score 2 major victories in Saxony -Yet these victories did not ensure – strategy is to annihilate them, he did not wipe them out so they would be ready for another campaign -In both these battles, Napoleon lost more soldiers, so they had to accepted a truce After 15 years of war making Europe, they proposed a diplomatic solution in Austria, met in Prague in early June 1813 – Napoleon wants to resort to military, no need...but now needed time to recuperate 4 weeks negotiation and no result French was at war for 22 years at this point, Most important defeat for French at battle of Victoria, no more control in Spain and boot out Joseph and!!!! Opened the door to an invasion of France Allies met secretly behind the back of Napoleon, included A, R and P Agreements for napoleon to regain his gains, have to agree to free Poland (Batavian rep) to reestablish a kingdom, give up dutch of worslaw, what he took from Austria and Prussia, allow Prussia to regain former position of power, Only then would there be a peace, if reject, A joins anti-N Essence of this convention bilateral treaty between Britain and Prussia and Britain and russia – backbone of 4 coaltion Response – dismemberment of my empire, out of question, if Austria remains neutral, I may give up…Napoleon mistake cuz Austria was given more offers by the coalition Hostilities renewed, rejected diplomacy and made the biggest mistake of his life The original offered gains for France but unwilling Reasons: -Dynastic confederations 1813 – all other brothers had a kingdom of their own…he would undermine Jerome –
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