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University of Toronto St. George
Vasilis Dimitriadis

Identify and give the significance Metternich – Austria FM 1809-1848 – led the Concert of Europe - restoration – dominate within German Confederation Castlereagh – British FM - led concert of Europe - reduced France to its natural frontiers - Treaty of Chaumont - Did not allow Alexander to make Paris a puppet of Russia Talleyrand – Rep France in C.o.V 3 January 1815 – secret treaty with Metternich and Castlereagh Defensive alliance to use force if necessary to "repulse aggression" (of Russia and Prussia) and to protect the "state of security and independence". - Ended anti-France coalition. Louis XVIII – Reigned 1815-24 Was not treated to harsh punishments and respected The Polish-Saxon Question If Saxony gone - double frontier of Austria vs. Prussia Russian pose a threat, Galicia (Austria) and Vienna and Berlin. Russia wanted independence of A and P Castlereaugh tried to prevent this A,P,R deal - Prussia would support Russia’s pursuit of Poland if Russia would support Prussia's bid for Saxony. Russia = feared as arbiter Talleyrand, from defeated France, allied with Metternich and Castlereagh in secret. Alexander backed down, accepting a small share of Poland. With Alexander satisfied, Prussia lost its ally in negotiations, a
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