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HIS 103 Tutorial Questions Napoleon III and the Wars of National Unification 1. How did the experience of the Crimean War change the major European powers understanding of warfare and its role in international relations? Destroyed Vienna system…due to conservative parties Quad alliance Holy alliance Russia = arbiter 1850 concern for B Napoleon had to set B vs R via Otto Give keys to holy places to F No longer B R F problem, euro Austria – bad eco, broken by revolution Otto declare war vs R R wipes out otto in black sea by fleet March 1858 – B F war R lose 2. Explain the process that led to Italian unification. Oct 26, 1860 – Unify…Rome, Papacy, Venetia = outside control Independency!! Try to take Venetia and Lombardi from Austria Defeat = almost collapso 3. Of Cavour, Napoleon III, or Franz Joseph who was most resp
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