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University of Toronto St. George
Vasilis Dimitriadis

st 1 phase of foreign policy – territorial rewards nice n savoy Single handedly dismembered to keep Europe in peace broke holy and quad alliance Napoleon supported nationalism – Challenging europe status quo Hide behind the scenes Italy indebted to france since they helped vs austria Original plan = Control Italian peninsula….italy unified exception of venetia and rome in austria… True colors – not defender of liberalism..after territory for france Fragmented in 35 states – Germany Austria vs Prussia – political…diplomatic domination…leading role Longer lineage dynasty…reputable… Prussia – military Liberal state – Prussia – constituational crisis war ... 6:00 Germany goes with Austria Shortcomings in military order Prussia parliament Ottoman bismark – solve constitutional crisis – one of best diplomats ever in IR Prussia has overcome -austria -france neither of these would allow prussia to unify Germany if you compulsion (military by force) them…..bismark stunned parliament – he declared german confederation bcuz of military might – Prussian borders (fixed by congress of Vienna) no good for political Blood and iron!!! 9:35 Statecraft or force 6 months…after 1862 – demonstrate FP and attitude Jan 1863 – revolution vs Russian overlords Poles tried to break free Most of states allowed Russia to deal with poles…tried to make it domestic Prussia and france – Prussia sent general to st Petersburg and offer aid to beat polish rebels And make sure poles would not go into Prussia Offer Russians to allow poles..out of question 12:50 New crisis cent eur danidsh king died 1863 - Christian 9 – demonstrate power to challenge ir between germa
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