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The Bismarckian Order Treaty of Frankfurt – Alsace-Lorraine taken by Prussia People have choice to be either French or German 1871 – end of Franco-Prussian war establishing frontiers William I = German Emperor Austro-Hungarian chief of staff, arguing against a resort to war in the eastern crisis of 1878, the wars of 1866 and 1871 had shown that ‘long wars cannot be sustained by a modern civilised state using universal conscription The days of cabinet wars are over. . . . We have only the Volkskrieg, and no rational government can easily decide to start such a war with all its unforeseen consequences. . . . The existence of the Empire would be at stake, perhaps even the continued existence of the social order and civilisation. Three Emperors’ League 1873–78 RAG – by Bismarck resurrecting Holy Alliance of 1815 Tsar Alexander II Franz Joseph I Kaiser Wilhelm I – maintain BOP German Keep aus and rus on same side Balkans – AUS fear RUS supporting Serbia AUS GER defensive alliance Italy join 1882 – Triple Alliance Three Emperors’ Alliance 1881–87 Conflict AUS RUS in Balkans Germany’s exposed position in the centre of the continent would be alleviated if Russia, Austria-Hungary and Great Britain could be encouraged to busy themselves at the periphery of the continent in the Near East – as he himself came ruefully to realize towards the end of his life when he remarked to a friend: ‘I shall not
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