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Vasilis Dimitriadis

The Origins of the First World War The Neue Kurs – New Course for foreign and domestic policy Caprivi focus on Germany’s connections with her allies and pro-GB Boisdeffre-Obroutchev Agreement 1890 – Bois assured by R that if G attacks F COUNT ON R 1981 – agreement to preserve BOP Congo Affair 1894 – in May – G wanted to improve relations with potential enemies B concluded treaty with Belgium by providing exchanges of territory so F access upper Nile and B control from Cape to Cairo strip G complains that B controls G east Africa and Congo G join F in protest = humiliation of cancelling treaty B mad and Vienna and Rome in despair Tension Berlin and Lord Rosebery (proG) question of upper nile Freie Hand – Bulow keep G out of commitment to other states G gets Kiaochow as naval base 1897 Weltpolitik – world policy – expand and create large navy 1897 – Kaiser places bulow as FM and Tirpitz as head of navy G wants hegemony (start of war??) Navy intended for North Sea – colonial empire Flottenpolitik – build navy to counter GB secure G as GP by making GB use best navy to counter if go to war longterm First Moroccan Crisis – Tangier crisis 1905-06 status of Morocco Open door policy so G enter market G wants weak independent country but its in French orbit G says GP have no rights on this separate country Second Moroccan Crisis
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