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HIS 103Y (1) 9/10/2012 10:17:00 AM How to join a tutorial Log into portal Click on the course Click on tools Click on self sign up Click on preferable group Click submit, than ok Library sessions Sept 14 & 21 11-12 or 2-3 LR larkinson building 248 9/10/2012 10:17:00 AM Agreed territorial settlement made by a end of war peace conference 30 year war ( cold war) clatholics vs protastants turn the german politicol system into a unified empire imperial solution 30 year war wasnt war, Europe had gone to regional powers by removing religious conflict of European conflict, it made internatial order in Europe political suicide, german city, 1631 may, magnadurg, forces came into the city july 1630.. 16 thnov. 1932 france got involved and fought with the protastants france becomes the dominant power the emergence of france reason of state- political morality interest of the state.. Forgien Policy of Lewis X1V & Origins of the Dutch War 9/10/2012 10:17:00 AM the defeat of the Hapsburgs threat during the 30 year war concurred in a emergence in international order 30 year was shon that the Europeans would never agree on one brand of cristianity co-existance emerged between the protostants and catholics, secular transformation of European politics no will to build a interstate system or obvious way limit conflict catholic French emerged as the largest threat to the system, it meneaced the survival of the interstate system how do we manage our power in the pre-industrial age, it was measured with population, the larger the population the greater the state revenue and large armies the French had 80-90 million in 1660 3x the size of spain, Italy and England French was stronger economicaly and demographically than any other place in Europe, the size of their army was staggering The state army of 100,000 soldiers during peace time The heights of the war, French army reached 400,00 As Louis came in power of france the signs we not promising , he had a msg sent out from his minister, ( sec of state), instructing his embasseters to ensure that france was the top dog of european politics Should have peamenece over other kings As other euro polititions got to know Louis they .. 1664, hollond, Louis warned holland ambition was the blood of the French his war with the dutch .. if you can bend others to your will without force thats the purist form of power sovernity of equal rights you have to fight wars to remind other how powerful you are Louis the 14 , showed that france was evident in the European system and in charge July 1672, his armys were going into the dutch republic instill fear in my enemies and astonishment to my neibours and despair to the enemies lous X1V SOCIAL IMPEARISM Choosing the dutch , ( most vulnerable) in a way Louis 14 was challenging the whole of Europe, the test case Against the dutch republic Spaish on frances northen frontier, gave france a buffer Former allies dutch republic joined with England because they feared france Advice to Louis 14 the only way to conqur the Spanish Netherlands is to huble the dutch and if possible destroy them Colbert advised them to bring the dutch into eco concession Colbert got n board and said to Louis, as we have destroyed spain on land, ( 30 year war), we must destroy Holland at sea.
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