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italian renaissance lec 6 oct 3.odt

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Kenneth Bartlett

Italian Renaissance lecture 6 Oct 3 – Florence was a city state – Merchants saw church and church said things the way merchants made money (eg church said not take money with interest) and idea of humility didn’t work for them. Thus merchants were looking for a new ideology. – Merchants beleive there is more in this world than to get into heaven. M – Marcus Tullius Cicero was pegan – Petrarch (1304-74) He was a Florenteen. Petrach grew up in South of France. He was cut off from his own society and extended family. He loved classical literature. Beautiful words and good ideas: a connection. Petrarch said there is a connection between the ability to reason speak and our soul. This is what makes us humans – He began to see people like cicero were good since they had a sense of humanity and told us how to live and help us to make decisions. – He stated validation of human spirit doesn’t have to have a divine guidance. It can have a human meaning and guidance. – Petrarch said going to heaven is your personal life but there is a secular life which is functioning on earth: obeying on earth, etc regardless of what you believe. – Pagans (ancients) are good people since they help us live our lives. – He was getting a following with his writings. – He began to spread his writings from poetry. – He is looking for help in his life that is why he read pagan literature. – He invented the sonnett poetry – He wrote sonnetts about Petrarch in love and how he is feeling. He is obsessive. – He began to make people think: erotic human love is valid and it is important since it helps describe who you are. It is what makes you human – He wrote letters as well. He began to change letters so he can define who he is. – Inventing the Modern concept of individual through letters and poetry. – He is showing that the individual I am is the Petrarch I invented. The Petrarch he leaves for the world. – Eg, you alter your diary when you break up with someone. You do this cuz you want things to make sense and this is what Petrarch did. – He began creating an individual (himself) – Petrarch said God doesnt make who you are or become, it is him who does it. – He created Laura (the girl he fell in love with) They never spoke in person but he always wrote about her. – He reinvents psychological autobiography. People in middle age didn't wr
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