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Industrialization I

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Kenneth Bartlett

Monday January 14th- Lecture- Industrialization I 1 Definition of Terms: Growth, Structural Change 2 Escape from Malthusian trap: Population growth nd real wages 3 Technological change 4 Great Divergence 5 Why Europe? Why Britain? industrialization is the new use of things new modes of production, new means of production french observers in the 1820s coined the word industrialization what is deciphered front he word revolution- quick, response industrialization- gradual movement, gradual transformation economic growth changes of social upheaval political and economic change growth in GDP the value of goods and services produced by a nation growth of amount of goods produced growth in some form of manufacturing structural change the basis of european economy was agriculture agriculture declined in the industrial revolution what is earned and what is traded industrialization in Britain early- cotton was only 1% of trade exports industrialization in Britain early- cotton was only 1% of trade exports Thomas Malthus objected to the idea of history as limitless societal improvement "the power of population is indefinitely greater than the power in the earth to produce substance for man" relationship among population, resources and wages "mathusian trap" there are disincentives to getting married and having family due to starvation- not enough food for the population that is present and soon to spring proposed a relationship between population and resources lower the population and there will be more resources per person wages were not high enough to sustain a family which then lead to the levelling of the population due to social contexts and people understanding they could not sustain a well life with the wages they earned wanted to limit human misery Malthus could not change the way the technological development would help diminish the relationship between wages population and resources Technological Change allowed industrial
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