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Kenneth Bartlett

Darwinism & Social Darwinism Monday, February-11-13 ҉ Marx, Darwin, modernity? o Engaging with intellectual climate of modern Europe o Published major works at the same time about the same ideas of how the world works o Physical reality are the driving force of existence – operate mechanically, mechanical materialism o Created the idea of an alien, driven by material forces, and cold world = scientism o Created climate of where species came over time ҉ “Positivism” o Associated with Auguste Comte o Human progress is inevitable – its direction is forward o Brings improvement over time o ҉ Charles Darwin (1809 – 1882) o Heard about evolution at a young age o Studied to be a priest o 1831 was asked to be on a ship going by the coast of south America o Became deist – a creator that set world up by natural laws o A geologist – natural laws of universe can change look and layout of natural world o Idea of his Nonno: “do species change over time? How?” o Began to doubt stability of species – studying birds and reptiles in the Galapagos islands  Why different forms of birds and reptiles on the Galapagos isla
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