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Kenneth Bartlett

The Reformation in England - Wycliffe’s movement had similar views as Luther - In Bohemia, Wycliffe’s ideas lived on th - Henry 7 spent reconstructing Church after the wars, but in 16 century perception of England church as there was recognition that there was a flaw o 12000 nuns, monasteries existed o $120-150000 pounds a year was the income of the church - Church owned 10% of arable land of England - Wealth of monastic orders changed many things - Rich kids were sent to monastic schools to be with same group of people; many nuns were sent as children - Church provided poor relief, measure of education and social function but mediocrity weakened in the eye of people - Reformers were rising (Erasmus weakened the church’s abuse and the church) - Position of papacy increased, the pope was living in territory attached to France and was more sympathetic to France and everyone believed the money goes to France to kill England: Pope lost respect and trust - Merchants saw the excess amount of money going to Church - “Lutherism” became the model - England was dominated by Wolsey who dominated the church (everything “wrong” was supported by Wolsey) - So Luther and books were being smuggled to consider his solution to be applied to their church - King saw this as impossible that there can only be one church - England was also changing, but in ways that had nothing to do with religion as well - Henry was desperate for a male child: he was afraid the civil war would break out again - He
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