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Kenneth Bartlett

HIS109: Liberalism 23/01/2013 3:05:46 PM  First spoken in regards to French revolution; Congress of Vienna  Victors of congress of Vienna wanted to stamp out liberalism  Very threatening of social, political side of aristocratic rule  1750-1850 transformation of French revolution – attempted restoration  Parallel to it, the industrialisation — new classes, interests etc.  ―Classicth Liberalism‖ vst contemporary liberalism  19 century vs. 21 century liberalism  Difference is the scope of the idea of liberty – what aspects of life does it include  Contemporary = social justice liberty, society & economic matters  Classic = freedom to act w/o constraint, do what you want within reason  Political and Economic liberalism  Classical liberalism  Economic and economic activity cannot be restrained by government = best society, justice and freedom  Characteristics of liberalism  Preserve ideals of French Revolution and Enlightenment  Liberals look to early stages 1789-1791 [before terror and contradictions with Napoleon]  Realise ideals of enlightenment  To create political structure & order of enlightenment  Representative institution, national assembly, elective representatives, governments acting under constitution  National and fundamental rights  Society should promote individual liberty  Constitutions  Huge part  Worried about what majority can do, not only state and government  ―tyranny of the majority‖(Mill)  Free trade/laissez-faire  Governments approach to business, economy = step off  Legacy of the French revolution  Reject other things from French revolution  Critical of radical phases of French revolution  Terror, de-christianisation
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