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Kenneth Bartlett

History: Napoleon January 7 , 2013 Professor Cantor Pg. 272 – modern Europe (interpretation) Transformations emerged: - French revolution - Industrialisation o New political structures, ideology, social relations, economic conditions Transformations – can inaugurate new sits to make an era different than before, isn’t immediate French Revolution - Constitutional monarchy - Jacobins - Wars of French Rev (1792-1802) - Era of the radical republic - Reign of Terror - Robespierre - Thermidorean Reaction - Directory Napoleon - Reconciliation of old and new regimes - Administrative reforms - Code napoleon - Military conquest - Reorganisation of Germany - Stimulation of national feeling in Europe (1792 = year 1) made new calendar Took power 1799 - Rose to power as symptom of war and upheaval of revolution - Fear and paranoia in Europe - 1799 Summer – Russia and Britain looked like it wanted to invade France - Regime needed to be strengthened with strong central power or they’d be taken over - After napoleon took power, and appeared strongest in French power and state History: Napoleon January 7 , 2013 Professor Cantor - Invested power in 3 people; consulates st o 1802 made Napoleon 1 - 1804 declared himself hereditary emperor - Reign marked by strengthening the ideas of the revolution yet disembodying some of those ideas To attain his legitimacy - Give French people solutions and resolutions for the upheaving incidences - 1800 defeated Austrians - 1801 – peace with Austrians - 1801 agreement with the Pope (church gives its land to the middle class, give the catholic faith official credit for being majority religion, not the official religion, and pay the bishops/priests) o Compromised an oath clergy and bishop to obey the laws, instead of oath to be below the law and
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