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Kenneth Bartlett

HIS109 : The Congress of Vienna 09/01/2013 3:07:17 PM Professor Cantor Hapsburg controlled Holy Roman Empire - Takes part of Hapsburg and makes it the Austria empire o Francis II didn’t want to lose title of emperor (rename Francis I of Austria) - Rules over multilingual multicultural empire Reorganisation of German States continued… - Towards German national consciousness? - Step towards modern nationalism - Napoleon thought was liberating people when conquered them o Stimulated resentment against French - Thought maybe people of German states had a common culture, language, tradition, and history o Artists/Writers looked for folk stuff to find cultural and political institutions - Philosophers appealed to German nation as a whole to liberate them - Spain and Italy began to appeal to shared language, culture, history as result to French resentment - Maybe not so universal - ‘Nation’ should be basis of souvrenity(sp) , source of loyalty and belonging o Undo spread of French rev ideology o Legit rule is based on hereditary deinisty (sp) Napoleon’s fall - Flawed policies, resistance, overextension - Duke of Wellington 1769-1852 - Invasion of Russia 1812 (depended on exporting grain to Britain, tsar of Russia didn’t like how napoleon wanted to bring polish emperor back taking Russian territory) - Defeat of Leipzig October 1813 (died of winter in Russia) o British forces supporting rebel fighters of Spain - Louis XVIII (1814-1824, except for 100 days) tried to exile him, he escaped - Waterloo (June 1815) tried to rally French enthusiasm and was actually defeated - Exile on St. Helena 1815 Congress of Vienna - 1814- June 1815 1. Participants a. Britain, Prussia, Russia, Austria (anything important was decided amongst them 4) b. Prince Klemens von Matternich i. Most influential ii. Experience diplomat iii. Wanted to prevent a resurgence of French aggression HIS109 : The Congress of Vienna 09/01/2013 3:07:17 PM Professor Cantor iv. Ideas to prevent revolution from occurring in his territory of Austria 1. Balance of power (responsibility of
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