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Lecture 10

HIS109Y1 Lecture 10: Lecture 10-The Reformation-Oct 17

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Kenneth Bartlett

HIS109: The Reformation Martin Luther (14531546) Worms (1521) Speyer (1529) Schmalkaldic League (1531) Augsburg (1555) U. Zwingli (14841531) J. Calvin (15091564) Huguenots Continuation of a new perspective Northern Humanists: Antiquity not from pagan, but from the new testament Creating a new model of spiritual awareness Patristics were sufficient All you needed was a correct interpretation and clear reading of basic religious texts in order to understand Christianity Erasmus and More working in tandem to give citizens ammunition for reformation A singular church, purified and clarified *Weakened the church by criticizing it Luther would not have reformed church had it not been for this critique Reformation happened in Germany: NOT a united country Small jurisdictions *Constant tension between the Holy Roman Empire and the peripheries trying to maintain independence Lack of unity meant it was easier for Luther to effect reformation Luther: Father wanted him to be a lawyer Moved up to the middle class Intervention: the storm Became an Augustinian monk Martin had always been obsessed with his own sin, guilt and unworthiness Some kind of comfort from the continual struggle that he endured By being a perfect monk, he would have inner peace Became a wonderful scholar: didnt have to sleep; he thought, and wrote Sent to university of Wittenberg Martin became revolution of the theology of the RCC
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