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Lecture 13

HIS109Y1 Lecture 13: Lecture 13-The English Civil War-Oct 26

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Kenneth Bartlett

James I Charles I Oliver Cromwell Charles II James II Queen Elizabeth Advisors were not of noble class He was dependent on her power and patronage, no power of his own: a conscious policy Central role of parliament Crown in parliament Role of nobility was declining Role of house of commons became more important Gave parliament an authority under Henry 8 th Established a tradition of inability to be challenged Queen could not tax her own people Ascent of parl. was seen as necessary Economic changes Eng. Nobility engaged in consumption and need to maintain rank by acting noble aka spending money Element of conspicuous consumption English didnt have intimate connection to the crown such as French; Elizabeth kept her distance Noble class began to shrink 1603: 60 titles in entire kingdom; she didnt create nobles Rising middle class was doing well Had two components: urban professional class, and the country gentry Gentry: large Owners of small estates to lots of land Benefitted from sale of monastic lands Inflation: result of the gold and silver from the new world, experimentation in economic matters DIDNT hurt gentry the way it hurt nobles? Didnt have to spend Increase in price of food bc of rising population benefitted the gentry Country gentry could sell surplus food Lesser nobility were doing extremely well: the future belonged to them English gentry meant they could put younger sons to trade Noblemen HAD to act noble: If he engaged in trade, he lost nobility
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