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Kenneth Bartlett

HIS109Y1ThSept 17 2012Feudalismth5 Century Romulas AgustulasLast Roman EmperorGaul PeoleoGothic take overRoman Empire is GONNNNEEEEEEAll means of comm laws language roads harbours are no longer maintainedWORLD BECOMES MUCH MORE LOCALCities begin to declineBarely any security food shelter waterSECURITYRoman Law and reinforcements GONEPeople become more independent because the Roman empire is no longer there to protectPeople either protected themselves or found others to be protected byDuring the Roman Empire decrease patronclient relationship became more military in natureMost SenatorPatrons moved to the countryside because its easier to protectHere Personal relationship between people on a piece of land in exchange for protectionGUAL InvasionDuring the time of Invasion of the Roman EmpireBrought in a new type of government systemComitatus Chosen Retainers people that where near the chief that helped him make decisions Brought system with them as people began to spread out in the countryside and they decided to settle downUrban Life begins to decrease Relationships based on trust and favoursThis created an unbalance of powerAlmost makes a private governmentBeginnings of the fea Sturc Relationships are more personal and private then institutionalPeople apart of these feudal system learned to protect themselves and the people on their landSystems are only efficient when everyone is a part of ittechnological changes kind of helped alongchanged economical systemsThe invention of the Stir was apparently important almost like a sattle on a horse foot straps Dear lord what in the wordFreed the handsApparently changed everything since it changed warfareHorses become more expensiveMilitary becomes more expensiveTRAINING FROM CHILDHOODThose that are trained must give their lives to thiscould not workRecognition of this special group of people began to show in the ComitatusThey have the trust and commitment of the chieftain or lord that the Comitatus wont use it against himA culture begins to grow from this groupChivalryChival fr HorseQuickly became the most privileged class out of everyoneExtremely expensive Knights are pretty much Tanks of Metal AwesomenessSocial classes in the warrior class begins to changeUnequal systemCompared to modernday thugs biker gangsLandlords establish a culture of trust and loyalty with the KnightsLandlord gives status and money Mostly through LandKnights give protection and loyalty This granted loyalty to the KingLandlordNot Hereditary yet FiefLand given in contract exchangeThis system worked unbelievable wellLasted 400 years 8001200More and More feudal armies were required Invasions into Europe Huns Arabs Muslim Invasion from North Africa The Viking InvasionKnights protected local landRoman Empire Collapse Money is no longer an objectBartering becomes a dominate form of tradeDemographicsLandA Lot CostNot muchYou need people for land to be usefulPopulation decline because there isnt enough foodAlso diseases Health of all Europe goes kaputLandlords are incharge of trying to make the people survivecreates a separate class for these people that worked the landKnights turned into minilandlordsJustices is served by Who collect taxes Makes the little decisionsTHE KNIGHTS HAMoney begins to destroy this systemKnights needed a way to prove their means were writethRevival of Roman Law 12 CenturyTrade begins to grow again so did laws and lawyersOnce laws are written inmind for everyone the weak benefit greatly from itOnce Laws and Governing begins to happen the feudal system begins to breakoutFeudalism becomes an actually legal system with governing bodies and actual lawsth13 CenturyEurope is becoming structural Society in ThreeClergy Pretty much the Church To make sure you get into heavenComplex role in SocietyOrg To help people reach heavenLand gives power Power means landVast amount of land was owned by the ChurchKnightsBishopsTense relationship between the Clergy and NobilityPeople didnt not chose to be apart of the ClergyHappened to surplus children in NobilityMinisters Parish Priest Mostly Working ClassCould not rise in ranks due to Social StigmaNobility Protected you Governed and payed youThe difference in Culture Both use privilege but one uses it in a manner that shows they are better harsh vs ManipulativeRules between nobility are created so fighting is ignored and structure is maintainedCulture System begin to take shapes that reality cannot keepup but strive to do soKnight Culture is given a religious importance to justify violenceVassals WorkingClassFilled with complex social classes that did not solve themselves outContradictionsRenaissance thSeptember 19 2012Key WordsEconomic StructureViewing the World as Europe ChangedAgricultureEveryone pretty much farmedgood industryOwnership of landStatusAfter REC 450750Dramatic pop Decrease
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