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The Reformation part II

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Anthony Cantor

The Reformation Part II  J. Colet (d.1519)  J. Wycliffe (d. 1384)  Cardinal Wolsey (d. 1529)  Thomas Cromwell (d. 1540)  T. Cranmer (d. 1556)  Henry VIII (d. 1547)  Edward VI (d. 1553)  Mary I (d. 1558)  Elizabeth I (d. 1603) Continuation of the Reformation  Reformation of the Church of England, nothing like a popular rebellion at all o No new groups, wants, ideas  Magisterial reformation  Church in the middle ages was nothing profound with its relation anywhere else, it was curious in some ways it had to pay a special tax – Peters Pence.  Some elements of religious discontents o Movement of John Wycliffe Wycliffe  Church own no property, language of the believer, priests can marry  Lollards - his followers  Bohemia is where the movement carried War of the Roses  The Church suffered with the rest of the kingdom  Henry VII o Tried to restructure the Church so it had some measure of integrity after the war of the roses th 16 century  Altered fundamentally  Church – not a high quality place, faltering in most of its roles English Monasticism  A lot of money because of the vast estates own by the monasteries and convents  ‘the dead hand of the Church’ o Couldn’t sell Church property, couldn't be alienated  The Church owned 10% of the arable land of the country  Previously there were centers of learning, there were now centers of luxury  Wealthy families would send their family to aristocratic establishments o So that the children would be with their own kind  Didn’t want to provide estates for boys or dowries for girls Reform the English Church  Attempt to reform the Church, Cardinal Wolsey  Weakening of the Church, recognized it, half hearted to change it Lutheran Reformation  Changed peoples perspectives of religion Belief that money should be spent on things that are needed but instead was being spent on a bastard of a cardinal Money should not flow out of England. The Papacy was growing,  the 100 Year War, Pope was more sympathetic to France than England. The people believed their money was being sent to the French king to buy soldiers  early 16 century, the Pope and Papacy lost a lot of respect in England, before the reformation  Rise of hostility in the Church Richard Honey affair  He didn’t like the Church. Great misfortune of his son dying as an infant, went to the Church to get the child buried, priest charged him to burry a baby, Richard said no he wanted it for free. o Priest said that he would take the blanket as payment, Richard didn’t like that, the priest grabbed the blanket, Richard slugged him, he was then put in prison and murdered by most likely the Church.  Coming of Lutheranism focused this discontent England was dominated by Wolsey because Wolsey was in charge of the Church  Things that were wrong with the Church were wrong with the crown, so that wasn’t right  The king hated that Luther was going to change the ideas of the Church o No one could believe it was possible that there were two religions in the kingdom  Henry the VIII wrote the assertion of the seven sacraments  Henry the VIII was second in line, brother Arthur, Arthur was married to Catherin of Aragon , Arthur then died, Henry married Arthurs bride because the dad didn't want to give the dowry back o You weren’t sup
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