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Realignment of States, Classes, Economies

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Anthony Cantor

Realignment of Europe Mohammed II (1451-81) Suleiman the Magnificent (d. 1566) Mohacs (1526) Lepanto (1571) Granada Vasco da Gama  Europe had different boundaries and principles that would drive certain societies in certain directions. (English civil war) major influence.  Creation of new states, states coming together because of a common hostility (Spanish), fragmentation of old ones (kingdom of France, idiocy of the three sons)  Europe: Internally unstable.  A violent continent; European tendency to solve fundamental issues with warfare. So profound, deep, essential to European society, when there had to be a conflict solved the war would have to be completely unspeakable. (long, large, 30 years war like)  Outside forces were profound also, the shift of power away from the Mediterranean (used to be the center of European civilization, around the Mediterranean basin).  Atlantic sea cost, new center of everything. The Spanish, Portuguese,  Why was there a shift? o Rise of the Renaissance  Trade, silk road, o Rise of the economic empires o Things began to fall apart  Fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Turks  Fall of connections, Fall of the Balkan empire  The Turks were almost always victorious over the Christians  Solved by war  The Turks held part of Italy for over a year .  The ottoman empire tripled in size, one of the most powerful states in western Europe  Established military posts, moved north. Under the Suleiman  All Christian Europe saw this as a threat to the heart land, o The creation of a huge multi-national army o The king of Hungary, everything he could gather, they were defeated o Almost the entire army was destroyed by the Turks  The mobile Turkish army moved quickly to Austria (heartland to
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