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The Absolute State T. Hobbes (1588-1679) Leviathan (1651) Louis XIV (1643-1715) J. Mazarin (d. 1661) Fronde Jean-Baptiste Colbert (d. 1683) Absolutism  Nothing to restrain the power of the government,  The power of the monarch protected the state quite well, better against foreign invasions  The 30 years war changed the continent to a place of constant danger and instability Hobbes  An intellectual who tried to discover how Charles made a mess of things  Tried to explain the events of the English civil war  God never intervenes in human affairs, especially in politics.  Wrote a book about absolutism and the power of the monarchy o Leviathan Leviathan  Men and woman lived in a state of nature where the strong preyed on the weak.  Necessary for men and women to come together to form a group or body that would rule over themselves for the benefit of all  The idea was to build a society, a law that could be enforced.  Development for a contract: gave up everything for security and a measure of responsibility. Tyranny  The subjects would have to suffer and obey  Have to blame the people themselves for the oppression. But Hobbes says why blame anyone anyway? The alternative is so much worse; life in a state of nature was horrible. Louis XIV  Could marry whoever you wanted if you were poor  Mazarin was Richelieu’s successor for Louis XIV Didn’t catch any of that, something about the Fronde Majority of the people of France supported the Monarchy 1653, the second Fronde was over _______________________--  King was a compromise  Mazarin told the king that he should become his own first hand Jean-Baptiste Colbert  Attracted the attention of Mazarin o To repay all of the kindnesses you have given to me, I will leave you as my request  1661 – appointed to the super attendant to the finances o to keep the kings finances in checks he had to do crazy things, but he did it o became the minister of industry basically  1665 – appointed as general of all finances  Then w
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