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The Philosophies; Rousseau

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Anthony Cantor

The Philosophies: Rousseau J.J. Rousseau (1712-78) Emile (1962) The Social Contract (1762)  No one had the influence of Rousseau.  V. lacked the energy to change the ancient regime of Fr. Rousseau  Dramatic, extreme, revolutionary  Saw the world as corrupt  Could create an ideal world if you were willing to do what was necessary  Father created an atmosphere of ideas and words  He was an emotional cripple, and turned on most of his friends. He believed they were helping him for their own purposes.  His father taught him that he was better than a watch maker, taught him that he could be better  He wandered south from Geneva because his father left him and he didn`t want to be an engraver  Rousseau Was taken into a important lady figure. The girl didn`t think he should be an engraver and gave him the job of copying music. Rousseau Then became a composer  Words can change the world. They can be the engine of change.  Diderot believed that Rousseau had the words  Rousseau wrote an essay about the natural self for a competition and won an essay writing competition  Madam Deponent was a Calvinist who seduced Rousseau, used him for physical matters  A lot of women wanted him  Wrote his two most famous books while under Madam Deponent Emile  The further from civilization we are, the happier we will be. Be ourselves and we will be happy. The goal for education is to help develop the children to be educated but to be keep their childhood innocence.  The learning of things from books is useless, unless that one book was Defos Robertson Crusoe  Religion should come from natural insentient. You don’t have to have any knowledge of God at all. If you want the child to have a sense of religion, look at the nature of sublime Rousseau continued
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