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Anthony Cantor

“Utopian Socialism” -before Marx systemizes socialism, precursors to organized, working-class groups (Utopian Socialism, idealistic, impractical) -Utopian socialists, focused on the social question (reforming living conditions & social conditions) sought to address concerns of the working pool -believed reform had to be targeted to the conditions of people in bad working & living situation -human cooperation is better than competition that characterizes industrial capitalism -wanted to introduce equality into social conditions -early Socialism was based on idiosyncratic, utopian, idealistic thinkers that wanted to come up w/ better models that would improve the lives of the working-class -didn’t call for consciousness of working-class to drive politics, wanted to come up w/ system diff. from liberalism -people arguing against private property, competition, in favour of new systems of socialization -socialists wanted a society focused on cooperation & social reform (meaningful changes to living conditions) -“socialism” –system of thought focused on the social question -1815-1848: not a period rich in socialist thought b/c it wasn’t promoted by Marx, who labeled the following as Utopian Socialists: -Charles Fourier (1772-1838) -his insight: people should live in small, model communities which should be self-contained, should have exactly 1620 people w/ specific divisions of personality types, frequent rotation of work assignments -would replace logic of industrial capitalism in a sel
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