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University of Toronto St. George
Anthony Cantor

Effects -Impact of war on civilians -Paris Peace Conference -Treaty of Versailles -League of Nations -Mandate system -War debt/inflation Aftermath of WWI -Woodrow Wilson’s 14 Points -1918, he made a speech to Congress about the points that would make “peace w/o victory,” all sides could say that it was in their interest to agree to, making WWI a war to end all wars trying to find a way to end the war & use the opportunity to tackle the structural & cultural problems that had caused the war -the points seemed attractive to the Germans, on the basis of the 14 points, ex.: -no secret international agreements & alliances -guarantees that national armaments would be low & consistent -fair adjustment of colonial claims -all French territory should be returned to France (from 1871) -readjustment of the borders of Italy, based on nationality -the varied peoples of A-H should be able to divide & gain self-determination -Romania, Serbia & Montenegro should have borders determined by nationality of pop. -Turkish part of Ottoman Empire should be given own sovereignty, but other parts should become their own state -independent Poland state (self-determination) -create an association of nations formed other specific covenants (League of Nations, which the U.S. refused to join b/c it was in an isolationist state after WWI) -Chancellor of Germany approached Wilson in Oct. 1918 & asked to have a truce, based on these 14 points, b/c Britain & France would’ve asked for Germany’s unconditional surrender -they engage in a truce based on the 14 points, but these aren’t the guiding principles of the agreement ultimately worked out
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