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Anthony Cantor

WWII & Holocaust Nazi Persecution of Jews -Boycotts -Jews removed from gov’t posts -Apr. 1943 -Aryan paragraph meant various spheres of society were barred to Jews (people had to show proof of their ancestry) -legislation defined what it meant to be Jewish (Jewish parents/grandparents) -Nuremberg Laws -1935: great detail of mixed race of certain degrees, categories, which marriages were forbidden, etc. -Reichstkristallnacht/Reichspogromnacht 1938 -Night of the Broken Glass/November pogroms -night of violence against Jews, synagogues, Jewish businesses -Oct. 1938: Germany expelled Polish Jews living in Germany to Poland, who also refused them to enter, stranding the Jews in the no-man’s land between Germany & Poland -17-year-old Polish Jew living in Paris tried to take revenge for this persecution against his parents in Germany/Poland by shooting a German diplomat in Paris Germans used this shooting to stoke up anti-Semitic fervor as proof that the Jewish plot was underway (that he couldn’t be acting alone) -Goebbels demanded dramatic action, stoking up popular anger -the SA directed a long night of violence against Jewish homes, businesses, synagogues -dozens of Jews died & tens of thousands were arrested that night for the crime of being Jewish & were sent to early concentration camps, such as Dachau in the center of Germany near Munich -Nazis then imposed fine of about $400 million on Jews of Germany to clean up the mess -banned Jews from collecting insurance payments for the destruction -Fire brigade made sure Jewish homes, etc. burned down, but that the fire didn’t spread to non- Jewish homes -Jews were banned from going to museums & other public places -many Jewish adults committed suicide after this -Evian Conference, 1938 -about trying to take in Jewish refugees -“Jewish” names, 1938 -Nazi law ordering Jews to add names that could allow them to be recognizable as Jewish -Yellow star, Sept. 1941 -next step of public identification, had to wear it if you were over 6-years-old -Oct.: when systematic mass deportations of Jews started in Germany -March 1942: star had to be put on house as well Toward the “Final Solution” -Establishment of Ghettos, 1940 -when Germany had invaded Poland, there were about 2.3 million Jews in Poland, who came
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