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New Imperialism

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Anthony Cantor

New Imperialism  Darwin as a challenge to religious orthodoxy  people began to invest in Darwin a lot more than Darwin intended o people viewed him as a new way of offering a new idea of viewing nations, races, politics, societies in the contemporary world o This is referred to as Social Darwinism Social Darwinism  social application of Darwin's organic evolution  Herbert Spencer (1820-1903)  "Survival of the Fittest"  Nations in struggle for survival  racial theories  connections to new Imperialism  Herbert coined the theory of 'survival of the fittest'  he said nations and societies are organisms that change over time, and they are in competition for resources in order to survive o came out of romanticism  the main principle of the charter of Vienna was so that no one European power would get too powerful  this brought a new rise to pseudoscientific racism o a hierarchy of races o some believed it would be better to destroy the 'lesser fit' the 'under developed' o created new development (in a bad way) for anti-Semitism  we can't really link Darwin to Spencer's theories, but we can see how some people had developed and twisted his ideas to a new idea, new imperialism New Imperialism 1. motivations for imperialism 2. tools of conquest 3. scramble for Africa 4. imperialism in Asia  people thought you could make money from invading new area
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