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Modern Anti-Semitism

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Anthony Cantor

Modern Anti-Semitism  why Modern? o Connections to:  Nationalism  Advantageousness  Liberalism, Constitutionalism  Jews in nineteenth-century Germany  Jews in the anti-Semitic imagination  Fin-de-siècle Vienna  Russia: Pale of Permanent Jewish settlement  The Dreyfus Affair  Zionism the word "anti-Semitism" dates from 1879. Why is this significant?  implies a new, modern take on the hatred of Jews  they wanted to segregate Jews as a separate group, a different people  It's not a hatred of the religion but the person.  it was mainstream; there were even parties called the anti-Semitism party  formation of Mass-political movements  Semitism: Jewish presence in Europe o something that we need to organize to combat o not viewed as socially unacceptable; no hiding your opinion "modern political anti-Semitism is different from any earlier, sporadic outbreaks of jew-bating." Why?  it wasn't a religious president against Jews.  Ethnic/racial anti-Semitism vs. religious Jew-hatred  attempts to dress up ethnic/racial hatred in a scientific way; Darwinism  Nationalists believe: these people, no matter how many generations how long their families have been here, they can't really belong and they could be dangerous  Big Feet: from wandering around the desert. They can't compete with European intellect because of that. ha, what? in 1880  if you told there's going to be a holocaust; a legally entrenched anti-Semitic social structure. o they would have said it would happen in Russia or France o It wouldn't happen in Germany because they were very patriotic to Germany Jews in the late 19th century Germany  a period in various European states where Jews gained Legal equality; o some argued for reforming Jewish religious practice. To make it look more normal in the eyes of the majority o some argued full integration is necessary.  anti-Semites said this could never happen because they always had Certain, district qualities  Some argued that Jews should be part of this multi-national empire  Jews in European very aware of French Revolution debates  Moses Mendelssohn (1729-1786) o argued for the emergence of a Christian-Jewish public Sphere o Jerusalem (1783) o attempted to argue with
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