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HIS109Y1- Lecture Twenty Nine Liberalism January 23/2013 - liberalism first appeared at the congress of Vienna; the conquering powers were committed to "stamping it out" - they were threatened by this ideology *19th century liberalism could not exist without the process of industrialization and the formation of the middle class -> different than 21st century political liberalism Classical Liberalism vs. Contemporary Liberalism - big difference is the scope of the idea of liberty - classical liberals also believed in economic liberty (freedom from gov. intervention) as a priority along with political liberty - in the 21st century liberalism, some degree of economic intervention is accepted and expected 19th Century Liberalism Characteristics... - value in French revolutionaries/enlightenment ideas - purpose of society was to ensure individual liberty - this required constitutions - Worried about "tyranny of majority" (John Mill) - free trade (invisible hand of the market) - laissez-faire in regards to the economy - liberals look to the early stages of French Revolution before the terror & directories (1789-1791) - early French Rev. would have been content with a constitutional monarchy - however liberalists are not simply an extension of the French Revolution because they rejected the extreme thoughts and "religion" of revolutionaries Benjamin Constant (1767-1830) - feared the tyr
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