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The Wars of Religion

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University of Toronto St. George
Kenneth Bartlett

Bogdan M. October/22 The Wars of Religion -Trent -Roman Inquisition -Loyola _Jesuits -William Orange -Guise Bourbon Henry IV (Bourbon) Nantes Les Politiques -all these churches re breaking away from RC = RC Counter Reformation -Luther, Calvin and other creators of religion let rulers control all aspects of life -France divided by war -king/secular ruler controlled norms and stuff -Machiavelli= the state is the person who controls it, his will is ultimate -for reasons of state = anything is justified if its in the good of the state (like today’s War Measures Act) -RC needed to stordProtestantism, made itself in a sort of centralized monarchy -Pope Paul the 3 restructured RC to effectively challenge Protestantism, created a Council of Trent meeting. Reaffirmed all the basis of RC like priesthood of only some ppl not all, bible is not only authority, etc… -made RC churches more beautiful -reaffrimed pope’s power –rc in postion to battle protestants -centralized inquisition organized to clean up society -RC now just like prots. Engaging in thought control -huge index of forbidden books, using these books is so punishable. List grew bigger and stricter. Banned books that question RC -the printing press spread luther’s ideas, RC needed to stop that Jesuits – soldiers against prot. Threat -Loyola= he realized he need to
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