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the Early Enlightenment

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Kenneth Bartlett

The Early Enlightenment Voltaire Calas La Barre Ecrasez linfame - The victory of rationalism, one of the great revolutions of Europe - Application of empiricism - What is the context of the revolution o Change the collective conscious on the continent o Relationship between man and nature and within community - Premise: the mind of mind is able to perceive the secrets of nature - Age of reason: beginning: Discourse on Method - End: Romantic reaction The age of reason is clearly identifiable and it is separated from what came before and after 1. Education were seen in term of secular goals and needs a. Systematic doubt Discourse on Method i. Nothing cannot be accepted without evidence ii. Theology was overthrown as unsupported theories, because there is no prove iii. Galileo and Newton human reason than divine revelation 1. Religion is nothing but a superstition 2. After Newton proved the universal laws there developed a growing believe that nature could be understood and the society of man could be understood, it could be controlled a. The society could be changed to the better i. Would be intoned with the laws of nature and human society would operate from laws of nature ii. Nature, by definition good, society could be good iii. If the universe is an elegant machine, and its principles are understood the men could change the society in order to be more like nature and the universe iv. Even though we cannot change the absolute laws of the universe, there are things that are
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